how to address denial in alcoholism

Being willing to listen or offering to go with them to talk to a professional may be more helpful. People often come to terms with the reality of a situation on their own given time and support. First, using this defense mechanism means you don’t have to acknowledge the problem. Second, it also allows you to minimize the potential consequences that might result. Like other defense mechanisms, denial functions as a way to protect you from experiencing anxiety. In some cases, it might be a way to avoid dealing with stress or painful emotions.

  • If family members try to “help” by covering up for their drinking and making excuses for them, they are playing right into their loved one’s denial game.
  • Just because you open up about this issue does not mean the HFA in your life will immediately get help.
  • So, older people should talk to their doctors about how much booze they drink and how it changes the way their medicines work.
  • By attending AA meetings, they can gain valuable insights and encouragement on their journey to recovery.
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  • It cuts off the possibility of positive change, leading to a lifetime of issues with health, finances, and relationships.
  • A person may consciously or unconsciously engage in addiction denial because they are struggling to accept the reality of their behavior.

Residential Treatment Centers Not Always Possible for Recovery

But someone in denial can choose a different person, place, or thing to target. Alcoholic denial works as a shield, allowing the person to reject unpleasant truths. In time, they can develop cognitive dissonance, or a sense that they’re trying to hold two conflicting beliefs at the same time. Admitting the negative consequences requires one to end the behavior causing these consequences. Denial, therefore, protects a person against this negative experience by denying the reality of one’s situation, when doing so would cause such psychological pain and distress.

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Motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and family interventions each offer unique approaches to breaking through denial and facilitating positive change in the journey towards recovery. A person may consciously or unconsciously engage in addiction denial because they are struggling to accept the reality of their behavior. Recognizing signs in yourself or loved ones can initiate the process of recovery.

Signs of Denial in Alcoholism

how to address denial in alcoholism

According to the psychodynamic perspective, denial operates as a defense mechanism employed by individuals with substance disorders to avoid consciously confronting threatening emotions. By keeping unacceptable feelings out of awareness, individuals develop a “false self” that protects them from psychological pain and distress. This defense mechanism allows addicts to dismiss or downplay the severity of their addiction, hindering their ability to seek help [4]. Community-based interventions broaden the scope of social support by engaging individuals with local resources and networks. A comprehensive community-based approach reinforces the importance of collective responsibility in addressing addiction and denial. Alcohol may be a big part of their social life and friendships, or a coping mechanism for trauma, mental health issues, and severe stress.

how to address denial in alcoholism

The Empowering Steps of Addiction Recovery

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how to address denial in alcoholism