Calendars and Diaries

Each year, Palphot launches a new collection of calendars with designs to suit every taste. The range includes different sized hanging and standing calendars for the home and office, magnetic bookmark calendars, family planners, an original Chamsa-shaped calendar and perpetual birthday calendars which can be used from year to year to record special dates.  The subjects of the calendars are varied, from Israeli views, flowers and art calendars to Judaica calendars and practical calendars by our favorite designers and with brands.

Palphot also produces customized calendars for different organizations all over the world.

Another of Palphot’s leading products are annual diaries, both 12-month and 16-month, which are produced with utmost care to detail. These are available in a large variety of sizes, from pocket to large desk diaries, daily or weekly, in hard- and soft-cover, and with spirals or in book-form.

They come in dozens of colors and designs, suitable for every age, sex, style and taste.  There is a vast choice of special branded diaries for girls and boys, for junior and senior schools and for university.

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